Welcome to Anita’s Quilt – Threads of Inspiration!

Our friend Anita Borg was passionate about both technology and empowering women. She was fearless when it come to launching new projects and making them succeed. She inspired each of us in countless ways including connecting us with each other and to many other amazing women technologists.

Anita’s Quilt strives to inspire motivate and empower through the stories of technology, personal, and community projects from other women in technology.

We welcome you and hope you will join us by collaborating and expanding on the posted stories with your own stories. To be inspired to action! Step up and increase your impact on technology. Together we can make an incredible Quilt of adjoining, overlapping and intertwined stories of inspiration, and accomplishment!

Your accomplishments and words will inspire someone else!

Anita’s founding Quilting Bee,

Kathy Richardson (Quilt Leader), Pamela Arya, Gail Carmichael, Anne Condon, Rane Johnson, Ellen Lapham, Patty Lopez, Carol Muller, Sabina Nawaz, Elisa Cambahort Page, Nancy Ramsey, Rose Robinson, Ruth Stergiou, Telle Whitney


Thanks to Rachel Bell from Verbatim Design for helping with the site’s look.

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