Find Your Spark!

Where are you now in your career, or where would you like to be in the near future? Read the story that fits best!

Undergraduate Student

Advice to freshman self from GHC 2012 by Fiona Tay, Software Engineer, Airbnb

Graduate Student

Learning to be Creative through Computing by Gillian Smith, Assistant Professor, Northeastern University

Early Career

Escape Velocity by Sarah J. Bell, Software Engineer, Google
Swimming outside your comfort zone by Shruti Satsangi, Yahoo!

Mid Career

Develop Your Voice by Chiu-Ki Chan

Late Career

To My Daughters by Marie Wieck, IBM General Manager, Application & Integration Middleware

Discussion Questions

Use these questions to think about and discuss the story you chose from above.

What can we learn from the story?

What skills does the author use?
What can you incorporate from this story to improve your career?

Collectively build other approaches to scenario:

How might I achieve same results with my skills?
How can the various skills used in the stories you read be used together?

Explore our own roadblocks:

How was the author stuck or struggling?
What situations do you find yourself struggling with?
Do you struggle with fear of failure?

Since new things feel risky, explore feelings about risk:

Do you think the author took risks?
What kind of risks would you like to be able to take?
How would you do that?

Share your successes and help others believe in themselves:

Share a couple of your accomplishments.
What do you love about what you have accomplished?

Find Your Spark!

What techniques have you learned that you can use to move forward?
What resources can you rely on?
What superpower skills can you rely on when you feel shaky?

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