Many Ways to Contribute

This is a volunteer project with many possibilities. We are open to new ideas and participants!

Make a big impact! Be a Quilt Evangelist

As a member of this team, you will engage volunteers to share the Quilt stories and enthusiasm to their own communities. You are a people person; at the end of the day, you’d enjoy sending out a message or social media post to connect with quilt social media volunteers. You are a self starter, able to work in the framework of a team and mission, but generally self driven. Comfortable taking on a very loosely defined role and making it your own.

This position should involve some initial setup, then a few emails a week, maybe a periodic volunteer “meeting” and a quilt committee call once a month.

Just Take Action

  • Leave comments
    • note something that inspired you to action
    • describe your similar accomplishment/action
    • describe something that helped succeed
  • Publicize Quilt stories
  • Follow Anita’s Quilt
  • Be a self anointed evangelist
  • Add Anita’s Quilt stories to your local group newsletter

Write a Story

Leave a private comment below so we can contact you.

Join the Team!

Please leave a private comment, with contact info and interests.

Some possible team roles:

  • Become a story curator
  • Review comments for posting
  • Post stories that have been curated.
  • Be a voice of the Anita’s Quilt on your primary social network. For example become the Facebook or LinkedIn voice for Anita’s Quilt.
  • Collect stats/publish about the reach of anitasquilt
    Visually document our growth: stories, comments, tweets, mentions, etc…
  • Create a mechanism to recognize the most active anitasquilt evangelists
  • Curate a pinterest account showing off women’s technie product/project photos.
  • Create some sort of visual quilt representation with photos, text bits, etc from the inspirations of the community.
  • Collect photos of Anita (with followers) from the community.

Comments from this page will not be directly posted.  Leave a message for the Quilt team with contact info.

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