About the Quilt

Kathy Richardson standing next to an Apricot flower blossom mosaic


Anita introduced me to an amazing group of Technical Women. Some I met at her women’s parties with dancing and hot tubbing until dawn; some as her side-kick at early Grace Hopper Celebrations, and some that she brought together for the Institute. She always handed me an amazing amount of responsibility, and inspired me to work outside my comfort zone. Every day I continued to be awed and inspired by these women in technology. This project attempts to endow all of us with that sense of awe and inspiration.

Kathy J. Richardson, September 2012

Why Anita’s Quilt

Carol Muller


When Kathy Richardson articulated an interest in creating some part of the Anita Borg Institute community that would recognize the accomplishments of Anita’s extended groups of friends and networks, I thought about Anita’s ways of bringing people together, and the process of piecing a quilt came to mind… Anita was fascinated by people as well as technology and big, bold ideas, and she enjoyed connecting people to one another to help realize those ideas… she joyfully connected people without any particular agenda, but just because if she found them interesting, she was pretty sure others would, too… A quilt can grow like that. It takes a catalyst like Anita to get it going, but once in progress, it becomes a project of all involved, all contributing in their own unique ways.

Our collective hope is that over time, Anita’s Quilt can showcase some of the amazing array of people whom Anita touched, influenced, and energized, and who in turn touched, influenced and energized her. In so doing, we seek to create a legacy of Anita’s incredible ability and interest in finding common ground with so many, recognizing the importance of connections and taking risks, and being continually open to new people and ideas. Anita’s Quilt will serve to recognize, celebrate, and expand Anita’s capacity to reach out to and connect people, with encouragement and inspiration.

Carol B. Muller, February 2012

Anita Borg

Anita relaxing, 1999

This project is a result of Anita’s personal inspiration. The founding Quilting Bee knew Anita and wanted to create a means to take that spirit and inspiration forward.

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